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I have a reddish/pink lump on my inner thigh that appears to be breaking throught the skin. There is a small dry circular area of skin around the lump. It hurts when it is pressed upon or when walking if blue jeans rub against. I have tried applying alcohol and a bandage to the sore, but it doesn't seem to do anything but irritate it more. I'm 80% sure it is NOT sexually related. Can anyone tell me what it is?


No one can tell you with certainty what it could be because we can’t see it. I also believe it is not an STD since all STD’s that have bumps as a symptom have outbreaks, meaning that the bumps appear in clusters.
If it hurts, you should see a dermatologist and get a proper prescription, so you wouldn’t have to go around applying all sorts of stuff. It could be just a pimple or an ingrown hair, which is even more possible if you wear jeans most of the time and they rub against your skin and contribute to in-growing hairs.

Try not to pick it, because if it were some viral skin disease it may spread. Now, when I think of it, mulluscum contagiousum starts with a simple papule and spreads by touching and picking since it is a viral disease spread by skin to skin contact.

It would be best if you saw a doc, so that you could be properly diagnosed and treated if necessary!