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hey doc.. i have a problem.. ok like 8 months ago i had protected sex and everything, and acouple of months ago when i trimed my pubes, i noticed warts like in my pubic area. its not a pimple, cuz it wont pop. when i touch it, i cant feel it. i have about 10 of them in the pubic area, and they are noticable. i was wondering if you could tell me what it is, cuz i dont want to go to walkin clinic, or to my famili doctor with this problem. i dont want to make my parents nurvous. Thanx alot for your help:).


I can’t say what these are, it is impossible to say without seeing and examining. I am afraid you will have to see a doc anyway.

If they look like warts, then they are certainly not ingrown hairs nor pimples. Ingrown hairs may also look like pimples, with or without the white stuff.
You should know that HPV virus is spread by skin to skin contact, so if the girl who you had sex with had warts on her groins, or elsewhere in the pubic area, you could have contracted it even if you had condom. Condom covers only your penis but doesn’t protect other parts of the skin. HPV is a virus that is causing warts and condylomas.

Besides warts, this could be mulluscum contagiousm. It is also caused by virus and may be spread by having sex. It also causes bumps that are sort of grayish.

To distinguish your bumps among 2000 of other skin diseases, you need to see a dermatologist to have it looked at.