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Hello Everybody,

I have been in a relationship since 4 months. Since then, i have always found myself in deep jealousy and sadness. 

at the beginning of our relationship, i asked her to tell me everything about her past so that i will not hurt my feelings and our relationship in the future....and she did. Recently, i found out that she had lied to about about the number of guys she dated, slept really messes my temper and patience.

I asked her and she apologized and told everything again...i have the feeling that i cant trust her on anything she says now.....

Also, whenever we are in bed she starts telling me tales about her exs and how she enjoyed sex with her boyfriends/sex really f**ks up my brain!!

moreover, the guy she slept with a good friend of mine which i see everyday at three times around.....and whenever i see that dude, i feel like punching him in the face make him disappear. 

furthermore, i hate the fact that my girlfriend tells me that she likes big penises....i think next time she tell me that c**p i will kick her out of my world...


in bottom line..i want you all to help me out from your experiences, advice me wtf should i do ?

should i punch her in the face whenever she tells me about other penises????


I honestly think u feel that way because she might be comparing u to her past boyfriends. And she might be having some trouble forgetting about her past. I think u shold talk to her first and tell her how u really feel. If that doesnt work then u should give her some time to sort her mind and feelings out.