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Hi. My aunt complained on abdominal pain last month. After several diagnostic methods, it seems that she has celiac artery stenosis. This artery is compressed by median arcuate ligament. This decreases blood flow through this artery and this causes abdominal pain. I would like to find out the treatment options. Thanks in advance.


Hello there,

Well as you already know celiac artery stenosis is a condition in which the celiac artery is compressed by the abnormal development of the median arcuate ligament. The exact cause of this condition is still unknown but some researchers claim that this can be present at birth.

Since your aunt has been diagnosed with this condition I am sure that her doctor told her all the possibilities and that you just want to be sure that your aunt is on the right track.

The main treatment for celiac artery stenosis is surgery. During this procedure the median arcuate ligament's compression of the celiac artery is removed. But I am sure that your doctor has informed you and your aunt of the possibility of not feeling relieved after the surgery.