I fell out of bed 13 days ago, I immediately iced my right foot and went to the hospital in the morning. The ER doc said that I torn the tendons in my foot, take Advil and keep icing it and weight bare after 3 to 5 day. A week later I went to see my family doc cause the pain was unbelievable and still really swollen. He believed i might have had a fracture foot and sent me for more xrays. The X-rays came back not a fracture, but my foot is still extremely sore and swollen and the colors of it are really bad. Red and purple the original bruising is almost all gone but there is new black and blue and really red where the pain is the most. Does torn tendons take this long for the swelling to go down? I've been on crutches this is my 3rd week, and i can't get in to my family doctor for 3 more weeks. What should i do?