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Hey everyone, on Aug 22/12 i had accident where the arm of a utility trailer fell straight on my foot! I rushed to the ER and was told after x-rays, that i may of had a small fracture on the top bone of my foot. They put me in a soft cast for 2 weeks until i had my follow-up. When I went back the doc said my foot looked like it was healing well which indicated no fracture, just a sprain and to take it easy, my foot was swollen and bruised. At this point no other x-rays have been done, he told me to come back in 3 weeks to see the progress. Throughout the 3 weeks, i felt as if i progressed very well, swelling went down, bruises went away and i could walk with barely a limp, i was in minimal pain and almost decided not to go back to the doctor. When it was time i went back and the doc decided to take an xray just to verify that everythings fine. Little did know what the doc was going to tell me, turns out i have a slight dislocation between my first and second metarasal, which is caused by a torn ligament. This indicated lisfranc injury and that i needed surgery. I was so surprised considering i felt fine. I did some research and decided to get a second opinion. I just found it strange that i needed surgery despite the fact that iv been feeling improvements everyday. After seeing another Dr who took xrays told me that it does indicate a lisfranc injury and said it was weird that my foot is barley swollen, and my pain is very minimal so he decided that a MRI should be conducted before the decision of surgery is made. Its been nearly 2 months since the accident and just had my MRI (Canadian health care), i get the result on Monday Oct 29/12 so im nervous and anxious to see the outcome. Now 2 months post accident i feel about 80% and my foot barely bothers me. does it sound like i have a lisfranc injury because ive heard about some brutal cases, which makes my case seemingly and unusually lucky. Am i making the right decisions? Is there anyone out there that can relate to this? 



I am not sure if it is a lisfranc injury - my injury was 08.20.12 & I can barely walk on my foot with full weight.  If it is really a lisfranc - you give me hope.  Hope that some day it will be better. 

(I was non-weight bearing for 7 weeks - for you to be able to walk so soon on it sounds odd).