I recently fell on the ground after triping down steps, approx., 4-5 feet. I was sore the next day but nothing extreme. Being a nurse, I began assessing everything. No cuts, abrasions. No bleeding with coughing or trouble beathing. No big deal. But the next couple of days, I noticed when I breath I was having some discomfort in my chest just below the clavicle which radiates under my rt arm minimally. The next couple of days this discomfort has progressed into some kind of pain. Now when I breath, it just hurts. Don't let me cough, the pain is intense. Sneezing same. I bowl and was at a tournament this weekend, oh, this happened on Mothers Day, at the tournament, I began to have discomfort, not necessarily pain, when I threw the ball. Good thing is I am lefthanded and it didn't seem to be too bad. It has been 8 days, yeah, I know, should have gone to the Dr. for x-rays. But you know nurses, give advice but don't follow. And being male, that is worse. LOL. Anyway , any theories? Possibly cracked rib below clavicle?  Still no bleeding from anywhere, just pain ratiating medially from just above the nipple line of right chest, under the armpit. IF you were to put your fingers under your are your thumb would be pointing up at a 90 degree. The pain is in that area where your hand is laying. Thanks for the replys. Just don't want to spend the money to go to the dr and for x-rays if my hunch is correct. I can ace bandage myself. Haven't yet but think I will today. Thanks and good health.