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hello, i am new to the forum, and i am unsure if this is the correct place to create this thread, so i apologize in advance.

so here it goes, a couple weeks ago my bf and i planned a trip to vegas for some alone time as it is hard to find some. the trip begins tomorrow. between the time we planned the trip and today, i developed a urinary tract infection. i was perscribed some oral antibiotics as well as a vaginal cream.

my concern is with the vaginal cream, vandazole, which states to avoid sexual intercourse untill the infection clears. this is bothersome as it would completely hinder our weekend plans, and there is no clear answer as to why i cannot practice intercourse.

so my question is, is it possible at all to practice safe sex on this medication? i have limited experience in the medical field but from what i gather, if we practice safe sex by use of condoms i do not understand the risk? if the issue is that there is oils with a latex condom, and that the condom may wear rapidly, will changing condoms frequently, or switching to a non latex condom such as sheep skin condom be an alternative? i am thinking that the reason one should avoid sexual intercourse is because of spreading the infection to a partner or back to me, other than that i do not see what complications can arise.



I totally agree with your assessment. If your trip to Vegas is only for a few days, maybe you can delay the use of the vaginal cream until after the trip. This will allow your bf to safely use a latex condom, as sheep skin condom is no protection against stds. But you will need to take the oral antibiotics now to treat your UTI. I strongly urge you to voice your concern with your doctor before your trip. A simple phone call to his/her office will do.