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My wife just last month gave birth to our beautiful baby boy and almost out of nowhere I got a job that would require us all to move to a different country since it’s a 3 year long contract and I don’t want to be separated from them for that long. We’ll need to travel (assuming the baby can) in two weeks. He’s been perfectly healthy so far, but I’m afraid what consequences the flight might have on the baby’s ears. Is there any danger of permanent damage from his ears popping during takeoff and landing? The flight will be 9 hours long and my wife is breastfeeding, does anyone have any experience how should we go about this?


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Hi, there is no real set age for babies to travel but some airlines do put there own restrictions in so its best to check that out with the company you intend to fly with, your baby will also need its own passport if it doesn't all ready and that could take a few weeks to get. The main worry for you is your baby sharing the plane with other passengers and their coughs, colds and germs. Keep any bugs at bay by being extra scrupulous with hygiene, perhaps adding a travel size antibacterial hand gel to your hand luggage. To help ease the problem of your babies ears popping on takeoff and landing some advise letting the baby to breast feed during that time as the sucking helps just the same as if you suck a sweet at that time, as far as I can find there are no reports of any damage being done to the babies hearing though. Hope this is useful for you and you can always find information on google about traveling with babies :-)