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I had an infection a while back related to clamidia or some std, I was giving antibiotics that got rid of my lymph noads but I get the Flem in my throat and when I swallow hard it feels like a ball deep in the centre of my throat and I have no problem eating or swallowing but when I breath out as hard as I can my neck feels tight in the centre and uncomfortable.


Do you have any symptoms of burning in the throat like acid reflux?  If someone has acid reflux, it causes the esophagus to become actually burned by the acid from the stomach. This makes the person feel as if he/she has a golf ball stuck in the esophagus.  People who suffer from post-nasal drip with feel this sensation, too, because the secretions back up because of swelling around the laryngeal region.  Post-nasal drip can be caused by allergies or colds.  Infections can cause posterior laryngeal swelling.  It could be possible that your STD may have caused inflammation in your throat, or perhaps, you still have the infection  The least common reason you may feel this "ball" in your throat is that it could be a tumor.  If you have ruled out the post-nasal drip as the culprit, you should see your doctor.