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I have been having this sinus problem for a while...everytime there is a season change i suffer from upper pallette pains...left side of my my throat feels there are some left ear and left side of my temple hurts as well. Doc had given me felt better and it has started again. In the morning I feel like clearing my chest and throat..I find it very har to caugh it out,as it is deep inside. even if it comes out it is kind of white. Sometimes there is a bit of blood because of constant irritation and coughing I think. I used to sing very well. Now I feel when I sing my throat and my upper pallette hurts when I sing 2,3 songs...Sometimes I feel hard to breathe and swallow. I I touch below my chin I can feel the glads are swollen. what is the solution for this persistent problem.. I s there any solution? Is it actually sinus of something else?


This could be sinusitis, as if you have allergies and your lymph nodes are swollen, this indicates a problem that must be solved. Have you already talked to your ENT? You should do it the sooner the better so that you can be diagnosed with the accurate diagnose and start a treatment immediately.
As the matter of sinusitis, you can get it because of the changes in temperature or air pressure, also if you are using nasal sprays too much. Sinusitis could be also caused by bacterial and viral infection, and this could occur when you have a cold. Pain or pressure in some areas of the face (forehead, cheeks or between the eyes) is often a sign of blocked sinus drainage and can be a sign of acute sinusitis. If you have sinus pain or pressure, your doctor may prescribe or recommend a decongestant to help your sinuses drain.
There are a few things I could suggest you should do to help yourself, such as drinking a lot of liquids, preferably hot drinks, you can also put some warm towels onto your face, it will surely help you and you will feel comfortable with it, there is also the option to rinse your sinus passages with a saline solution, but you should avoid taking nasal sprays for a while and see if the swelling will go away.
As it is obvious you have some inflammation, you must go check it out with your doctor.


I've been diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis and was reccomended that I have surgery and you seriously described the pain and problems I have to the T. Is there any alternate route besides surgery?


dear sir ,,,,i m also like that kind of symptom that i feel so how i can i prevent???is that a really serious problem??
how can i cure for this,,,,, i m really pain on my upper cheeks and especially pain between the neck n jaw ...i want to my doc but its not effect deeply i think so,,,too many medicine n too weak,,,,but my pain not can i make me comfort and how can i tell to my doctor....i lived in Thailand and language problem also.....which treatment that i require ....i m seriously weak at the medical knowledge,,,i can't sleep every night ...pls help me reply to me thx a lot sir
sithu (student from Burma )


i have the same symptoms.. I have had it in past years as well.
I have chronic asthma and sinus issues.. mostly just sinus
now but asthma was terrible when i was younger..

either way.. i get some minor irritation in the back of the throat
where the nasal passage meets the throat.. more on
one side in particular.. but sometimes the sensation shoots
back and forth..

it feels swollen and mucousy.. but i have no difficulty breathing
.. also sometimes the pain shoots into the teeth..
and it seems to come along with allergy season
especially.. sometimes taking the whole summer
to go away..and also
feeling the pressure sometimes in the face
and forehead..

its not very pleasent... so i know how youre feeling

seeing as ive had this before , chest /throat xrays
and sputum analysis.. i would not be concerned if you
notice it is seasonal..

however the first time i had it really bad
i was very worried it was lymphoma or
something more serious because I smoked
marijuana habitually for years..

However it was not anything serious
but if you smoke.. you should probably stop
and switch to vaporizer. Avoid any unnecessary
irritation or pollutants.. like even household
cleaners or deodorizers I find bother me
in the allergy season in particular.

just take it easy while your sinuses are bugging you
use salt water to flush out the sinues..
dont use nasal sprays.. theyre c**p and they
often make it worse..

hope you feel better


I am having almost the very same symtoms. It has been going on for almost 7 months. I've had anti-biotics, steriods, nose drops and nasal sprays which can ease the symptoms but doesn't cure them. I keep visiting my doctor but to no avail.


Is it a septoplasty op, as this is what I was told, deviated septum, have you found out any other options since this was written