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I have phelgm daily in my throat, happens mostly early part of day. I am an ex smoker (stopped 21 yrs ago); is it related to this. Should I be concerned? Sometimes when I'm talking on telephone I can't even go on talking as my voice gets raspy and I must clear my throat. It's embarassing for me, especially when I'm at work on phone.


Hello there! Have you seen an ENT about it?

I don’t think that you are suffering from chronic sinusitis because you will be having more than just persistent mucus in your throat. My husband suffers from chronic sinusitis and he has problems with thick yellow discharge from the back of his throat, but he also feels very strong pressure on the forehead and temples often, can’t really breathe through his nose and coughs all the time.

Maybe you don’t even have to see a doc but look in the pharmacy something that would help you get rid of that postnasal drip (thick phlegm in the throat). Throat is usually moistened by the nasal secretions and throat mucous glands. This secretion protects us from inhaled foreign matters, fights infections and cleans the nasal membranes. When the amount of this secretion is reduced, the fluid thickens and we can feel it. If it is green or yellow, it means that it is mixed with bacteria. Because this thickened mucus just stands there, out body tries to remove it on its own, and this is when you start to clear your throat.

This thick mucus can be caused by too little moisture during winter in heated buildings, pollution, chemical exposure, and infection.
You may try to get moisturizer spray but don’t get any with additives like Benzalkonium, and get those that are in a convenient spray bottle for cleaning out your nose while you are out as well. Drinking a lot of hot tea should also help you and applying hot compresses on your nose to recover the glands to make enough secretion again. Warm chicken soup should also help.