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I have this scab on my neck. It isn't itchy but I try to pick it off quite often. I forgot how it appeared on my skin as I don't have a good memory and this started about 6 years ago in year 4 or 5. I'm only a 14 year old girl and I'm starting to get worried.  There is now a bump right underneath it. What is this :(


I have the same thing but on my back. I got it in summer of 2008 and now I'm 13. I didnt really pay attention to it because I was young. I was thinking if it was cancer..I shouldve probably been dead by now? lol :p When I picked it, it used to bleed/ or ooze some kind of liquid, but I try now and it doesnt do anything. I forgot about it, and now I remebered it. I showed my mom and she said it was probably because I was alergic to soap or something, but now its been almost 5 years and it's still there? Lol. I'd still get it checked out :-)