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I hate going to the doctor, but I have scales, like 4-6 of them in each armpit. I change deoderants and soaps nothing helps. Occasionally they flare up and become painful. I cut one off once and it bled really bad. What is going on under my gun show?


You may hate going to the doctors as much as you want but I would recommend you saw one this time. It would be best of you saw a dermatologist as you may be suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis or even scabies.

Scabies are caused by a parasite, which hides under the skin and causes allergic reactions. The symptoms usually include little, scaly swellings. These parasites really like warm atmosphere and body odor, so armpit is a good place to enter and lay their eggs.

Psoriasis may have similar symptoms and it could be very hard to treat. Psoriasis is characterized by red patches that usually have grey or white scales on top.

Not to forget to mention that there are over 2000 skin diseases and the only way to find out if you have any of these is see a dermatologist.