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I have some red spots on my skin, they are everywhere! I am only 29 years old. I noticed tham a few days ago. I have some on my legs, but more on my arms. What you mean is this big reason to see a doctor? Is it something to worry about?


Hello! I have it too. I read, red spots on the skin may be due to several causes. Mine is caused by a problem with leaky capillaries. Keep on eye your red spots and also take your temperature, and if it is over 38 C see your doctor. You may go to the doctor and demand a complete blood count. The complete blood count will tell you if your cells are out of whack. You will be able to see your the liver panel, who will tell you if you have a trouble with your liver.


i have red spots on my leg , thighs and arms. i am so scared that i don/t know what to do


Did anyone here find out what was causing their red spots? I`d be very interested in learning. Thankyou, Take care.


The most common skin conditin that causes itching and rashes is no doubt eczema. However there are many skin condition that causes itching and rashes on skin. And basic symptom of these skin conditoin is red blushes or spots on skin.
Without seeing them it is difficult to diagnose right skin condition.

Here under some brief detail of some skin condition that cause red spots on skin
Skin is not only the protective layer, it is the major source of person grace and beauty.
Skin protects us from various outside invaders. Some time due some infection or other environmental factors many changes appear on skin. Among these changes red spots on skin or the red itchy bumps are commonest skin problems.

Red spots on skin are occurred due to many skin condition another common word rash is also used for red itchy bumps. Here are the discussion about some skin conditions that causes red spots on skin by


Psoriasis is one of the most common skin condition which cause red inflammation covered by silvery white dry scaly. It is fairly chronic skin condition. Its treatment needs a long period of time. There are several types of Psoriasis in which Plaque psoriasis is most common one.

Type of Psoriasis:

1) Plaque Psoriasis
2) Guttate Psoriasis
3) Inverse Psoriasis
4) Pustular Psoriasis
Erythrodermic Psoriasis


Eczema is an irritating skin condition which is continual skin condition. It is not leave a person easily once occurs it in some cases remain stick with it throughout his life. Normally eczema attacks children and infant skin condition.

1) Xerotic eczema
2) Atopic eczema
3) Seborrhoeic dermatitis
4) Contact dermatitis


It is also a common skin condition that give red spots on skin. Symptoms and size of red spots vary form patient to patient. At the beginning a small spots appear on skin which increase gradually. If not treated some time it change into large blushes. Like psoriasis and vitiligo it is an auto immune skin disorder. According to an research study about 0.025% of all the population is suffering from by some form of the scleroderma.

Although its causes are not fully known but it is still right that an protein produced in skin causes thickness and hardness in skin. Many hypothesis are presented by different dermatologist but this one about the excessive production of collagen is more appropriate.

Insect Bytes

Infection bytes also cause redness and sore in skin. But such changes are temporary and remove automatically after some period.


Yes , I would watch it until they grow bigger. Then see a doctor. :arrow :-D