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i would like more information on what scheuerman's diease is because I've had it for 9 years and no doctor has been able to tell me anything about it except its an old persons diease and i will bent over neally half way by the time i'm 40 please help me.


Dear Lady,

Well, like 95% of diseases docs talk about, there is no cause for this one so it is just a word since some doc named Scheuerman was officially given credit for "describing it" in the literature a long bit ago.

I was a general practitioner and saw many cases of it. It is really simply rheumatoid arthritis of the spine. It is an autoimmune disease and parts of the body that abrade and compress (like the spine) feature changes of inflammation first.

I am writing a book about the underlying condition that causes it and many other problems, because it is systemic in nature. So, do you have have rosacea or a ruddy face? Do you have blood vessels showing on your cheeks, chin, and nose. Do you have red palms and finger tips and the bottoms of your feet. Have you had low back pain. Have you had shoulder/neck pain and some tingling in the hands once in awhile? Have you had bouts of soft stools, in your life for weeks or months. Have you had tonsillitis, sore throat, or a severe flu, ear infections, or scarlet fever in your lifetime. Do you have pain in your body like fibromyalgia? Well, those are some things people have with autoimmune disease secondary to certain infections.