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We have a 13 year old japanese akita who has recently (within the past 8 months) developed cushing's disease. We unfortunately cannot afford the treatment and are at a loss for how to proceed. He's also deaf and has extremely itchy skin. He's constantly scratching and biting himself to the point of bleeding. He doesn't have fleas and I try to bathe him with calming soaps and have been giving him benadryl but nothing is working. 

Are there any alternative treatments for dogs that may help with Cushing's disease? Or do we have to face the horrible fact that we should put him down? :(

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I, too, have an 13 yo Akita with suspected Cushing's as of this afternoon.  I am researching Cushing's, testing and treatment. I can afford treating it, but am concerned that the treatment of such an elderly dog may bring an end to her quicker than the disease itself.  Your dog seems to be having a lot of symptoms, and I know you are concerned about quality of life issues.  I wish you and your Akita well, good luck.  This my second bear dog, my first one died at 11, 13 is pretty elderly for our kids.

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