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Hey everyone.


My little fluffy friend, my dogs had fleas. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this. My neighbor did. While I am at the job she is taking a care of my dog. She gives him something to eat, she is playing with him a little bit because he doesn’t want to be alone.

She saw that his behavior is a little bit weird. He was not like that before.

So she checked him and she saw that his has fleas.

Where did I go wrong?

How to prevent this?

And can you tell me what are the best dog flea treatment?


Hello. It is very weird that you haven’t noticed fleas because that is something that you must notice. There are so many ways to treat it because it is obvious that now, in this case, you cannot prevent it. Flea collar is good. It is actually a great way to ward of fleas. It is also a good prevention for the next time. You will need four drops of cedar oil or lavender oil, depending what you have, three tablespoons of water, bandana or your dog’s collar and eyedropper. Mix this and put on your dog’s fur. I believe that fleas will go away very soon.




Luckily, on this site you can find a lot of amazing flea treatments and prevention options for your dog.

There are so many tricks. You can learn them, they are really easy to understand.

For example spots on treatments such as K9 Advantix is really popular and for good reason – this actually works.

They can last for a whole month and they are not expensive. They are liquid and they work very simple – just apply them on your dog’s skin.

Generally, there are no side – effects. It is very effective and I use it for my dogs.

It is good like it is natural :D




For treatments you should definitely use some sprays when it is flea season. I always suggest everyone to get a flea comb. Sometimes it is not that helpful but it is useful.

I prefer natural treatments because they are far better and safer.

You can never go wrong with bath with essential oils.

One of the natural repellents that a lot of people are using is rose geranium oil. You can apply this on your dog’s collar.

Avoid rose geranium oil. It is not helpful at all :)

Use this for a couple of days and I am sure that you will see the results :)

Anyway avoid chemical treatments.



Hello everyone.


The situation of my little dog is getting better but he still has problems with fleas.

I was making some cure for it but so far it helped him just a little bit.

The fleas are still here.

My neighbor can’t believe this and she told me that something is not OK.

She told me that I should buy the spray as well but when I asked my vet to recommend me some, he was not so thrilled with my decision.

He told me that his experiences with those sprays are not that good.

What do you think?





I am looking for the best way to treat and prevent fleas in cats.

I want to know can I try those treatments at my cat. I have tried to vacuum my house and some places where other cats were because now she got those boring fleas from another cat.

Are those shampoos and sprays also effective for cats?

It seems good for me and it seems that this can be really helpful?

I have heard about rose geranium oil for dogs and it is helpful for dogs.

I know that my friend was using it for her dog and she saw results in just three days.

I was thinking to try this in for my cat.