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Hey so I'm 18 virgin, uncircumcised, and recently when I'm taking a shower I retract the foreskin and mastur**** (wouldn't let me type this) massage my penis glans with soap. But the problem is that this it's extremely sensitive on the tip of it, so the harder and faster I rub the tip, the urge of urinating increases (even after I took a piss)...sometimes I can hold and resist. I keep doing it I guess to "practice" or understand my penis more, but is there a way to "stop" this or at least something helpful?

Which has more contact with the tip of the penis, vaginal intercourse or oral sex? I'm assuming oral sex, but overall it would be extremely embarrassing to urinate on a girl or urinate instead of a girl by accident...:/

PS-Would wearing a condemn during sex reduce the sensitivity on the head of my penis?


Hey man,

Just to let you know that I have a similar problem. I am also uncircumcised and also have this problem when I rub or stimulate the glans. It is extremely sensitive. I am guessing it needs to be desensitized but that's easier said than done it seems. I try to stimulate/rub it for longer periods of time but it gets a bit unbearable after a while!