Hi, i am a fulltime student in Northern California and I myself suffered from a long history of chronic congestion and difficult breathinng, It made my cross country goals very difficult. It has not been a little over a month from my surgery and this way my experience. Well i was first referred to a ENT specailist from my general physcian. My speacialist in Merced then reffered me  to the Stanford Medical hospital to be examined. My Doctor Sam P. Most was a very brilliant surgeon who performed both a revision septoplasty as well as a rhinoplasty. He took out my cartilage, reshaped it, and then placed it back in to my nose. He also told me that he reconstructed parts of my nose and have moved cartilage to differnt places of my nost to give shape, It mostly widened my nostrils. He talked about possible rib catilage being need or from the ear but he ended up not needing any (thank God). After the surger i was perscribed Hydrocone/Apap (Vikadin) 500mg, about 30 pills to be exact. I had to ask the doctor for a refill eventually, the nasal construction made my nose very sensative to any and all vibrations. I woke up with a hard cast over my noses and stiches on the very bottom of my nose with a V shaped incision. I would STRONGLY reccommend is that asking your docotor in advance or after the surgery to make sure you have an sufficent amount of painkillers after the surgery. Tylenol is not really going to cut it for these types of procedures, they also thin the blood. Likewise Vikadins are somewhat stressful on the kidneys. Anyhow I would STRONGLY reccomend having a himdifer as well as a steamer afther and septoplast or rhinosplast procedure. The blood and mucus can really dry and block nasal passages, it is best it befores it drys the nose. The steamer opens and cleans air passages of the nostrils thus allowing the patient to breathe better and open the passages up. The affects of this will gradually get better and better as the significant effects will be noticed quite a time after the surgery( atleast 2 to 3 weeks). Also i STRONGLY reccomend eating the proper foods, DO NOT eat any food that causes you to force pressure on your face, especially your nose bone that is newly constructed. It is best to eat very soft foods and not risk hurting or damaging yourself. Mash potatoes, soup, grilled cheese, can peaches, and soft foods in general will keepy you fine. It is also essentail to stay hydrated after the surger so your system can flush out all of the congestion created by the secrection in the nose after sugrery. I can breathe SOO much better now and I am not and only now able to sleep with my mouth clodes and properly breathe throught my nose! :-) The surgery was very successful for me and I stess again its not only how the surgical operation went, it really mostly about how you take care  of your nose when its healing. I hope you have found this informing and good luck!