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Hi today discovered on the shaft of my penis 3 small clustered together red bumps with all black center in the middle. It maybe a scab, it is too small to tell. Soon after examination i discover several more red spots on my scrotum also with a black center but these have are likely to be a scab. I am freaking out, all the bumps has a itch when touched, I have not been sexually active for awhile and only had two partners who maybe clean. Also, I have been taking an antibiotic containing minocycle and tetracycline and had experience a tighting sensation over the course the treatment. Could this be a side effect of the medication? STD? pls I've been online for the past 5hrs researching trying to find an answer if this is some type of std or reaction, thank you.


Hi Joe,

Did you ever find out the cause of these bumps? I have the same problem going on (itchy, clustered bumps on my scrotum with a black dot inside each of them). I'm trying to figure out what they are, as I've been in a long term relationship for the past three years (although my partner has cold sores).