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My problem is unique, at least this is what i feel. I cannot digest anything nutritious. I am on a very restrictive diet since long. I am only eating curd, normal chappati, papaya, cucumber, and things like long gourd etc. Even a single drop of anythins sweet upsets my stomach. Whenever i eat anything outisde the given light food, I feel a massive gastric eruption in my stomach. It comes from my back and goes into my head, shoulders, arms, legs and feet, in a way it affects my whole nervous system. My stomach has become very stiff, more from below the navel part. Its been more than 10 years now that I have this problem. Nothing have been diagnosed. I donot experience any pain. Its just the whole net of gas that I feel in my entire body. A small diversion from my diest leads to chemical explosion in my body. I am unable to find a way out. Any idea


A good friend of mine had similar symptoms to you. She was diagnosed as being intolerant to fructose - a type of sugar found in most fruits and some veges. Her diagnosis changed her life.