I have had stomach pain for about a month now.  I have had an upper GI and complete profile blood work.  Everything comes back normal.  I do have reflux which I have taken nexium for years.  They want me to have an scope down into my stomach which I have had before.  I hate having it done only because they never seem to get me under.  I hurt so bad sometime I gag until I throw up whatever is on my stomach.  Nothing seems to trigger it or make it worse.  I am taking a prescription now that coats my stomach before I eat which is not helping.  The best my stomach felt was when I drank the barium.  That is pretty SICK....I have routine colonoscopies due to polyups.  Anyone have any suggestions...I am at my witts in.  I took plaquinil for arthritis and I have even gotten off that in hopes it would help.  No such luck.  Anyone with information would be greatly appreciated.. Can't continue feeling like this.