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But I was looking stuff up about pregnancy and your comment to one of them had your email and you seem to be helpful. So I just thought I should ask you since I cant tell ANYBODY about it :/

So last week, I think it was July 7, me and my boyfriend had sex.. Im 14. And I regret every little bit of it. I feel stupid for even doing such a thing.. Im ashamed. 
But anyways, so this is what happened, Before we even had sex, I hadn't had my period the last month. (June) I sometimes skip few months but after I had sex, I kinda like I guess started having stomach achs and been tired lately and also been going to the bathroom alot:'( And this is seriously worrying me. My parents are going to kill me if they find out.
  During sex, we had a condom, and before he ejaculated, he pulled it out . And to make sure, I asked him if he;s sure he didnt like ejaculate in the condom or anything, but he said hes positive he didnt. But I'm still reallly worried. I have no idea what to do. My parents are in the military and the hospitals tells us that we can get checked and stuff for free without telling parents but ... I'm too embarrassed and scared to go. Please Help.!


Are you sure that youre not just stressing. Unless he didnt know what he was doing you should be okay. If after a while you still think youre pregnant, you can always buy a pregnancy test and take it "secretively". Goodluck with your results.