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Good morning.

I'm a mother of two in my mid twenties. As a child I had been diagnosed with Sheuermann’s disease (Juvenile osteochondrosis of Spine). But had been treated and recovered (as much as it is possible). I doubt that these two are connected, but recently I am getting sharp pains in my bones, mostly fingers. NOT joints. It is sudden stinging pain, lasting for few seconds and then starts to fade, sometimes leaving feeling of numbness in that finger or even whole palm/hand. It is getting really annoying as distracts me from work; have to stop completely what ever I am going till pain goes away. I am going to book an appointment to GP anyway. Is there anything I should be worried about or start paying attention to something what can be important to know?

Thank you for any advice in advance.


Yes, your doctor will probably find out the cause. Numbness or tingling in the fingers may be a sign of a problem with nerves or blood flow. For now you should avoid activities that cause or aggravate pain. Osteoarthritis causes knobby swelling of finger joints and can also cause problems at the base of the thumb. Numbness or tingling may indicate a problem with nerves or circulation. Other causes include injury, trauma, Raynaud's phenomenon and Rheumatoid arthritis.