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the past couple of days ive been havin a sharp, intense pain in my back and lower chest, my rib area has been clicking for a while now, but the sharp pains are new and when i do have the sharp pains i find it hard to breathe.
i remember someone saying something about it being teets syndrome, is this what i have?
whats the proper name for it?

write back asap

thank you!


I have recently been diagnosed with teets syndrome and the symptoms you are describing sound very similar.
The pain i was experiencing in my left uper chest and under my arm was quite intence and breathing, walking or siting/lying back were very difficult to do. I found that hunching forward was the only position the pain was not intensified...

unfortunately there is not much you can do in the ways of medication other than to take some strong anti inflamitries and wait it out..
hope this helped a little.


It is actually spelled Tietze, and the proper name is costochondritis. As the last user said, there is not much you can do for it but rest and wait. Please note that it is a benign condition and should resolve itself within 12 weeks. Hope this helped


You might have tietze syndrome, or it could be costochondritis.

They are not the same thing as the person above said. Tietze syndrome has a swelling of the cartilage where costochondritis does not. T

Whether there is or is not swelling is an indicator of how severe the condition is.

Costochondritis is similar to tietze syndrome, except you will normally experience pain in your arms back and shoulders with tietze syndrome.

It should clear up in about 12 weeks, though it can be a chronic condition.

I had costochondritis for about a year and now i have been diagnosed with tietze syndrome.

There isnt much you can do about it except take anti inflammatory medication or pain medication until it clears up on its own.