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i'm 26. i'm slightly overweight but aside from that generally in good health. i have no known history of breast cancer in my family.

over the past year and a half or so, i've been getting very sharp pains in my breasts. the pain lasts about 15 seconds and it seems to help if i breathe a little more shallow than normal because i'm not moving as much (but i could just be telling myself that). anyway, usually it just comes once, but sometimes it repeats 2-10 times over a couple of hours. usually, it's on the outer edge of my left breast (where it attaches to my chest), but sometimes the upper, inner corner and occasionally the right breast... sometimes there are days in between these "attacks"(?), sometimes weeks, sometimes months.

the pain is a lot different than the heaviness and tenderness i get around the time of my period. i don't feel any lumps.

when i looked for posts and articles online about other people with these symptoms, they were all are over 40. please help.


Hello Jenny,

   First of all, I sympathize with you for your breast pain and I understand what you are going through.

   Breast pain is normally due to the wearing of underwire and push-up bras as they are well known to cause pain and breast cancer.   You should wear full type cup bras and no underwire.

   The other reason that you are having this pain, is that you must have twisted yourself and / or lifted something heavy.   This means that you have some pinched and dislocated nerves in your back which have to be reset soonest.   I know as I have been a healer for 14+ years.

   I hope you will follow my advice as I have healed many people from this type of pain.

   Once this is all done, you will feel much better.