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I recently just switched my birth control, and ever sincce then my breats have been sooo sore. I figured it was from switching birth control and my hormones changing, but I have been on this new birth control for almost a month and a half and my breasts are just getting more sore. It is almost painful when I dont have a bra on, because they just feel really heavy. I have taken a pregnancy test just to make sure, since tender breasts are really my only symptom, but it came back negative. Any ideas on what could be causing this?


The problem with your pain is that you most likely wear underwire and push-up type bras and those bras cut off you lymphatic and blood circulatory systems and also your mammary glands.   Once these systems do not function, pain may start and lumps will appear.   I recommend that you wear full type cup bras without the underwire.   This will help you a lot.

On the other hand, you may also have pinched and dislocated nerves in your mid and upper back areas.   Those nerves must be reset soonest.   I know as I have been a Healer for 14+ years.