So, I just got the Mirena IUD on Monday (Jan.21). I had some bleeding and mild cramps for a day or two, no big deal. I had intercourse that Friday and Saturday, and after both times I cramped a little. I figured this was normal because my body probably still isn't use to the IUD yet and whatnot. I had intercourse twice on Saturday, and then on Sunday I was cramping and I had some bleeding. I am still bleeding today, (Wed. Jan 30) but I'm not cramping anymore. Should I be concerned about the bleeding, or am I fine? Like I said, I'm not in any pain and if the IUD was out of place or gone, I'd be hurting a lot, right? Oh, and it's a moderate bleeding. I know it's not my period. I figured I might be bleeding because I did it twice in one day and the second time it was a little rough, but it doesn't hurt to get some other opinions, right? Oh, and if it makes any difference, he came inside, which might have agitated my cervix because of the pressure. I don't really know. I was hoping someone who had experience or is a lot more educated in the subject could help me out. Thank you!