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Please help me!

I had sex on Sunday morning and he came in his condom, outside my vag. He was still hard and he continued after a minute or two after he came and we had another quick sex, but he had the same condom on, with his cum in it. It was a very brief sex and he came outside again.  The condom was still alright, didn't break or anything. I got home and I researched about using the same condom twice and someone had a similar case to mine. She wasn't pregnant, but she took the after morning pills. The comments replying her post was making me more paranoid. They said that the sperm could slip out the sides of the condom due to the decrease in the size of the penis after cumming. I asked my close friend and she said it's a small chance that the sperm could slip out and survive, but I'm still worried sick. My period is supposed to due in about a week or so and I've been having the period symptoms like; change in mood, bigger appetite, and lower tummy aches like I always do.

What I want to ask:

1. Do you think I should just go ahead and buy the after-morning pills? I took them before once and it's not a big effect on me, just a little nausea feeling plus I got my period earlier.

2. I don't really keep track of my period cycles, but I'm told that it was supposed to be over already? Last period was 5th this month.

3. What are the EARLIEST pregnancy symptoms? I also looked it up, and it was cramps, eating habits, tender breasts, abdominal pain, and having the urge to pee a lot. So this is kinda similar to my period symptoms.

4. I've heard that you can get period AND still be pregnant. Tell me it's a myth.

5. Should I also buy the 'First Response' pregnancy test? I heard I should use it a week before period and this is my week before period...

I'm NEVER gonna do that again. I hate this feeling and I learned my lesson. I hope I don't have to learn it the harder way (pregnancy).


Hi Y1n,

It doesn't matter how "brief" the sex was.  You don't reuse condoms.

1.  Take the morning after pill, play it safe.
2.  If your last period was the 5th of November you should be near peak fertility now.  You'd likely ovulated between days 11-16 and you'd be at day 15. 
3.  The earliest pregnancy symptom is often a missed (or late) period.  You MAY notice very light spotting the week before - implantation bleeding.
4.  You won't get a "normal" period if you are pregnant.  You may have some bleeding and discharge though. 
5.  Wait until you are due before testing.  Testing early, even with the First Response, is likely to give you a negative result.  It is too early to tell from yesterdays sex anyways.  It takes time for the level of hCG (the test looks for) to rise high enough to be detected.  When you do test, use your FIRST morning urine.  It's more concentrated so more likely to give you an early result.

Good luck.