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hi ummm i've been having unbearable pain in my right shoulder, it started maybe before 2 yrs and a half, which means after 2 yrs of being a member in the fencing team, it all started when i was holding the sword, it was like i couldnt hold it anymore so it fell from my hand, it kept hurting for cpl of days and am talking abt all my arm, i used some ice n some pain killers, it disappeared for a quite long time, but after maybe 6 months it started all again, mainly in my shoulder, spreading to the rest of my arm, it kept coming and goin, till i rly got sick of it, i made an x-ray and there was totally nth in the shoulder bones, but there was sth in a tiny bone in my wrest, anyw i went into many many doctors who are really known, some told me to keep it wrapped, and others told me to go into some natural therapies, i did everything they told me to, and you can't imagine the pain i suffered when i was in any of wat i did, and until now it hurts like hell even with the silightest cold, n some doctors said i got a serious injury in my tendons (in the shoulder) and even by writing this it really hurts, anyway the point is that am the sportive type....and am really finding difficulties! i had to quit the fecing team cz of that, and am afraid i'll have to do the same for the tennis...please help me..ur my only hope, am ready to do anything even a surgery so please help me!!! thanks ;-)


Hi Judy.  My name is Elijah, I am a native American a  (shaman) Kuseyaay from Kuuchamaa Holy Mountain, Kumeyaay Nation.

If you are still with this pain or more, make a list of all your ailments, pains and sicknesses, so I can heal them all.

If it's just your shoulder, arm, and hand it will only takes about 20-minutes to heal it.  Just with the touch of my hands. 

If you are in another state, call me, I will go to you in the spirit to heal you.  I and the Great Spirit will come to you.

I live in Ontario, California.  

Have NO FEAR, We do all these with Love, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness.

Sincerely Elijah