I am a 36 year old male living near Grand Rapids, MI, USA. I have been dealing with deterioration of my shoulder joints. Specifically my right shoulder. I have had a couple arthroscopic procedures done. What the doctors are saying is that the ball of my shoulder somehow has a deep crushed indention in it which is scraping and tearing away at the glenoid all the way to the bone (the indentation in the head of the humerus is also to the bone). This is what they say is causing the catching, popping and pain in my shoulder. To memory, I do not recall ever injuring my shoulder. My left shoulder is at the stages of where my right was at in the beginning. I have been dealing with this for 11 or so years now. I have two young boys with whom I cannot play with. I cannot throw a ball, shovel, rake, exercise, swim, work on cars (which is my love), or anything that requires lifting or rotating of my arms. If I do manage to do anything or do it without first thinking, I pay for it for days with extreme pain. I rate the pain at an 8 or 9 on a 10 scale. I rate a normal day between 5 to 7.

The latest specialist (who did the last arthroscopy) says that I need a replacement but he won’t advise it until later in life. He says that my range of motion and quality of life would be worse than what it is now. From what I have read, this should actually improve since my muscles and rotator muscles, while weak, are all undamaged as far as we can tell.