I had my gallbladder removed in late October. I healed up quickly and was back to eating normally not long after the surgery. No issues at all, aside from the pain meds making me throw up so I didn't take them. I was a little constipated at first, but that's normal for me anyway.

So everything's fine until mid December. I'm in the hospital for mental health reasons and they put me on a slew of medications. I get very very sick. I don't really notice the nausea and increased bowel movements at first because the other side effects are so bad. A week later, I quit taking all my psych meds. I get better within a day or two...except the stomach troubles. I've stopped actively vomiting when I stopped the meds but horrible nausea and very frequent and soft bowel movements plague me. I call my doc and it'll be 4 weeks before I can see him.

So I tough it out. It starts getting worse right around the time of my appointment. Worse nausea, worse cramps, bowel movements are now completely liquid. Doc prescribes cholestyramine. I take it the next day and it's horrible. I don't know if it's the taste/texture or the medicine itself but I got very sick. Worst nausea I've ever felt without throwing up. But the diarrhea stopped. I call for another appointment, that's still a week from now. The nausea won't stop and now I can't have a bowel movement either.

So I go to the ER. They run tests including an ultrasound. Everything comes back normal. The iv nausea meds they gave me don't work. I have a phone number for a GI doc I need to call. They give me a prescription for nausea suppositories. I have started having bowel movements again and they're pretty solid but still floating, and difficult to pass.

I'm so sick I can barely eat. I've lost 5lbs in the past 8 days. Nobody has any answers for me. I don't know what to do but I can't keep being sick like this.