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I am 26yrs and I have strech marks from weight loss few yrs ago. I tried several Bio-oil repeatedly, Pure Vit.E for few mths...but they both didnt worked? I am wondering how much will the laser treatment cost ? I just bought VICHY anti-strechmark cream and going to test if it works or not.

I am worried as the summer is approaching and I want to get rid of strechmarks.It looks really bad specially on inner thighs when you wear shorts and the one on calf muscle. HELP.



Stretch marks are caused by a lack of elasticity in the skin; sometimes caused by not drinking enough water, lack of fatty acids in the body, mineral and vitamin imbalances, using diuretics and crash diets (losing weight too fast) or gaining weigh too fast. The skin tears or disintegrates in the dermal layer and causes this unsightly damage. Laser will help, but you have to stay out of the sun for at least 9 months for the dermis of the skin to heal.

If the marks are still a pinkish or a purple colour, fruit acid treatment could help in rebuilding the skin. Note that creams cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to aid in healing or rebuilding skin. Use a soap free foaming cleanser before a fruit acid application. Once again, stay out of the sun till pigment is gone and then still a while longer. Skin takes longer to heal that just what is visible to the eye. Each time you expose the damaged area to harsh sun, the healing is reversed. Sun causes skin damage by destroying the dermal layers. See my site on skin care advice; pay attention to acne skin and oily and dehydrated skin to give you a better understanding of how skin damage is caused and prevented.

An 'easy way out' is to have permanent make-up done; this is a type of lead-free tattoo. make sure the artist uses lead-free tattoo ink! The permanent make-up lasts between 5-8 years, but needs to be touched up every 5 years. The idea here is to hide the pink or purple pigment by use of tattooed make-up matching your skin tone. Of course, the disadvantage; will the new colour match tanned skin? Perhaps speak to a permanent make-up artist and see what recommendations there are.

Hope this helps?