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I have a birthmark that looks like I have rosacea but it's genetic I have it on my cheeks and chin I don't like it never have I heard about the skin tone ink and I wanted to see if a professional tattoo artist can answer my question if it would damage my skin to cover it up because Im tired of always wearing make up to hide it? And if it doesn't what is a good brand to get?


Hello adewey,

So, you interested in skin tone tattoo ink to cover up  a birthmark on you cheek and chin.  I'm not a tattoo artist but before you consider doing a tattoo you might take a look at laser treatments for birthmarks.  I know of some children that have had this done and it was very successful and they look beautiful.  One child had a large birthmark around the eye area which was causing eye problems.  There's no problem now.  I don't know how many doctors do this procedure nor do I know how much it costs but I don't think you would have to worry about infections that you would get from tattooing.  Remember, you face is very delicate.  If skin tone tattoo doesn't match your skin, you'll still have a mark there.  Before I would talk with a tattoo artist I think I would talk to a doctor first.