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I've had a very bad month in terms of vaginal issues. It started after I had a bartholin's gland cyst for the first time (it was even the first time I had heard about it) and I saw the doctor about it. It had drained by itself thankfully, and she told me to only come back if the cyst came back. Thankfully, it hasn't still, but I've been having problems after that too.

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and we have been exclusive to eachother. This tells me that (hopefully) STIs and/or STDs aren't an issue. But, after my cyst dissipated, sex has been very uncomfortable and often I'll feel burning afterwards. It will hurt so bad I won't want to move or do anything. When the burning goes away, it will itch for days and I'll scratch it. Then the skin on my vulva will start to peel! I didn't think much of it, but I started getting worried once this cycle didn't end.

I thought maybe it would be a yeast infection, but I never treated it like one because none of the other symptoms matched. Only the itch was there. I've been keeping a close eye on it, made an effort not to scratch, and after a couple days now the itch is completely gone. But there is still peeling!! I also have very bad psoriasis on my scalp and it has spread in small patches to my legs, and maybe that's what it could be? Is it possible to have psoriasis on your vulva?

I should mention that after I stopped scratching and itching, sex has been more comfortable and there are virtually no other problems. Just peelings!!


I never had a cyst, but after minor dermatitis (be careful with soap in bathtubs!) the skin of my vulva hasn't been the same. I think it's more red then it should be, and the skin peels. I thought at first toilet paper got stuck, but this happens CONSTANTLY. Even after I'm fresh out of the shower! All the other symptoms are gone, it's been weeks, but still the peeling. I've been to several doctors, to no avail! ARG! I feel your pain!