I had Bladder sling surgery in June, 2007 which didn't work and had it redone March 2008. I have developed a very awful body odor. I have dry skin and have never had much of a body order. It smells very bad, like a rotten dead animal. I bathe everyday and change my clothes every day and change my bed everyday and do the laundry every day. It is awful and expensive and time-consuming. The worst part of it is that I regularly attend church and I am embarrassed to go there or anywhere where people might smell me. I have made an appt with the Dr. but appointments are hard to get and you wait until they can take you. I have known that strong body odor can sometimes be symptons of infections. Has anyone had this experience. If so, is there anything encouraging you can give me. Such as--it will go away with medication--I hope. Thanks