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I noticed today i have this small bump right outside of my anus about the size of a pea, it isn't a different color or anything looks like it is under the skin, also it is painful when I am standing but whem I sit it doesn't. I looked some stuff up on it an all I can fine is that it might be a hemoride but I dont have blood in my stool. Im not sure what this is an im getting worried never had anything like this before so please if anyone can help it would be greaty appricated....thanks


Hello, Kay!  I believe you may have a hemorrhoid as well.  All a hemorrhoid is a vein that becomes swollen inside or outside the anal area.  You can have both at the same time even.  When a person strains hard to defecate or anything that puts much pressure on the veins of the rectal region can cause hemorrhoids.  The more a person does this, the higher liklihood he/she will get hemorrhoids.  Pregnancy oftens brings them on since there is much pressure from carrying a baby. 

If it is bothering you, you can buy over-the-counter medication, like Preparation-H, to help shrink it.  If you still have problems with it after treating it yourself, it may behoove you to go to a doctor and have him/her exam you.  Good luck!