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hey guys, i just got a quick question.

so about 4 days ago, my girl and i had unprotected sex (shes on bc) but this was only the third time that we've done it like that cause i'm usually pretty cautious. yesterday i noticed about 4 very small red bumps directly in the middle on the top half of the underside of my penis. they look like they might be kind of white-colored too. i'm thinking/hoping this might just be an ingrown hair or something like that, but i can't be sure. i'm looked up pictures of herpes and other stds, but it doesn't look like any of the pictures that i've seen. if this was an std, wouldn't it have shown up the first time we didn't use a condom?

any kind of knowledgable response would be greatly appreciated.


It wouldn't have necessarily shown up if it were an STD/STI, because maybe she or you DIDN'T HAVE IT THE FIRST TIME.
I'm not saying she's been unfaithful or slept around. I'm just saying you don't always catch something depending on exposure, resistance, precautions, etc.

Unless you've shaved or have some reason to think you might have caused an ingrown hair there, I wouldn't suspect that. (but you might)
If the pic of herpes and other STDs don't match, don't worry.

You may simply have plugged some pores, and/or didn't wash up well after sex. Perhaps you are reacting to the change in pH of her vagina since she's on BC, or perhaps a similar irritation has occurred.

Watch them. Don't pop them. Wash up, keep it clean, and soak in a warm sitz bath to encourage circulation, cleanliness and health.

Keep us updated, ok?