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I'm a middle-teenaged male.
I found a small round lump outside of my left testicle. It's not connected except by what seems to be a small cord like thing.
I've had small breaks of pain coming from this testicle but it goes away after a day, and it only happens rarely.

Additionally, the same sort of pea shaped lump appeared maybe half a year ago, but then went away and my doctor said it wasn't a problem if it went away.
I've been waiting to see if this one goes away and it hasn't yet, and it's been maybe a month or more.
Is this cancer??

Please reply!


hey billy,

I've got the same thing like a small lump not connected to the testacle and not much discomfort except on rare occasions. I've been to the doctors and they said it isn't testicular cancer as its not connected to the testacle! they are usually cists or varicous veins but you should go to your doctor and get it checked! mine has given me a scan at the hospital within the next month to see what these lumps are! good luck! hope this helps!


I have the same thing, and it started the size of a pea, but now it feels more of like soft, painful captain crunch cereal piece. It is especially painful when I ejaculate.