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Firstly I am going to see my Doctor about this but cant get to her until 1st week of July but would like some other people's opinions in the mean time...

I have found a strange lump in my testicle and I can't work out what it is. I already have a spermatocele and varicocele on this testicle anyway and am not concerned by these as I have had them for years (I'm 30 btw).

What is concerning me is the appearance of a growth down the left side of my testicle. At first I thought it was just a lump the size of a small pea set inside the testicle (what i mean is if it were spherical then most of it is within the testicle, like the tip of an iceberg).

Upon further examination it feels like it might be connected to the tubes at the back of my testicle (which run into the varicocele) but I'm not too sure.

It definitely extends out as part of the testicle and I can't get behind it with my fingers. It could be a lump in its own right or it could be a connecting tube that has swollen and ruptured the surface of the testicle (no pain btw). Due to its location I cant really tell.

As I say I am going to the doctors in 10 days time, I just wanted some opinions in the mean time. Sorry if its a little garbled. If anything needs clarification please ask.

I have done a crude drawing of it if it helps

I've tried to keep sizes in proportion.

Many thanks all



i have the same thing exsept i have like 3-4 big and small ones? 




Hi - did you ever resolve this as I have a similar scenario and am worried.

Thanks v much