Hello my name is Nathan, and just today I found a very hard solid lump on my right testicle. The lump is about the size of a pea. Its extremely hard and causes discomfort when touched. Its not very painful but notable nonetheless. I was worried it could possibly be testicular cancer......but almost ever since I can remember I've felt this dull discomfort on the same right testicle.

     I'm 15 almost 16 and since about 3rd or 4th grade (9, 10 or 11 years old)  I can remember there being a discomfort in my right testicle. I even remember one point when the discomfort flared up to a incredible pain and I actually had to crawl to get my parents help. Actually now that I think back, I've felt that pain more then once, to about 6th grade( 13 years old)

     I distinctly remember a time when I went to my friends house before school so that I could walk with him to school, when I got to his house out of nowhere a intense pain came from my right testicle and I actually couldn't stand, I remember me and him joking about it, saying it was a "ball cramp", almost a suddenly as it had came it went away. 

     I haven't felt anything close to as serious as this since around that time,..... but today (like I said) I felt a small very hard lump on my testicle. My long history with the discomfort in that same spot led me to doubt whether it could be testicular cancer any help on possibly identifying this would be greatly appreciated.