Hi. I recall my mom telling me when I  was young that she would smell cigars not cigarettes & I thought she was nuts.  As for me I can’t recall when was the first time I started smelling cigarettes because it was so rare that I never put to much attention to it. I think I might had had some form of sinus infection about a month ago but I did not go to the Dr.  I have notice just like everyone else that the smell is occurring much more  frequent.  I suffer from very bad migraines but also suffer from allergies. I take Montelukast 10mg, Loratadine 10mg, Azelastine HCi spray & Fluticasone Propionate spray all for my allergies & they’re not helping with this.   So I will be making an appointment with my allergist to see what’s happening. My question to anyone who has posted is did you go to the Dr & what did they say.   This smell driving me nuts just like you    Hope for the older post it wasn’t anything really serious