My 4 year old son often complains about difficulty in breathing. I've noticed that he started with these deep breaths about 3 weeks ago. He started complaining too. So I took him to the regular doctor and she said that my son had a sinus infection. She prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. My son finished it up on Monday, but he is continuing to take these deep breaths. Especially at night before he goes to sleep, when he often holds his breath, and then takes a big deep breath. He does this until he falls asleep. I am freaking out. I can't sleep because I'm afraid he may just stop breathing. I brought him to urgent care yesterday and oxygen levels were fine. The same doctor gave us steroid and a prescription. She mentioned that it could be some sort of allergy or bronchitis. Anyway, we have an appointment with pediatrician on Monday. But I'm sick worried. Is this something serious or just some sort of tick my son have? Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?