Ever since this concussion from a few years back (I left it untreated too), I've had this weird issue (not really a problem as far as I can tell). I've had this sort of mild spasm, that would radiate this sort of tingling sensation on my right side (makes sense, as the cranial injury was on the left side, if where the occipital lobe is). Now it isn't painful in the slightest, and in fact feels pretty darn good when it happens. The best way I can describe it is as this little jolt that spreads through the right side of my body, and that this jolt feels like bubbles or something. This happens every once and a while too. Another milder side effect is that my right side (especially around my back) is a bit more sensitive now.

My question is though is what is this condition, and why is it occurring? I ask because of the ignorance of a name, as well as I don't think that the amount of head trauma that may have caused it affected the part of the brain that affects touch.