My last period was oct 6 until the 12th here comes november and no period, i had brown spotting as well nad still no period, no cramps, a week after i got my usual sore breasts and still no period then it came on the 23 of this month, not like my others either i have an IUD, since april of 2010 so all my periods have been the same and maybe a week early or late for the past. with all my pregnancies i've had light spotting when i was supposed to get my period but then nothing else. I don't know what's going on. i don't understand why i was 18 days late and then it comes and it's nothing like how my other periods were, there was very little cramping and i get bad cramps each time and i noticed i went through way less pads this time even my boyfriend noticed, and now here it is day 8 nov 30th (it lasts for 7-8 days), last night i had spotting when it should have been over, nothing all day, then nothing over night and nothing all day today and an hour ago i have pinkish spotting. i've been looking online as well bc this baffles me. i'm going to call my dr in the morning and make an appointment bc this is freaking me out! Any ideas?