For the past two days my stomach under my belly button (kind of in the bladder area) has been quite sore and hard when you poke it. It doesn't hurt too much when you poke it but it does when I cough and sometimes when I walk or sit down. I'm 18 years old and have recently gotten back together with my boyfriend. It hurts during and after intercourse when his penis goes all the way in and hits whatever is at the top of my vagina otherwise it's fine. I've had a similar problem before and apparently it was because I wasn't "ready" for sex and he needed to do more work on me before but it would only last a few minutes after sex then it would go away. I don't think I'm pregnant because I'm getting depo ralovera injections and I don't think it would be an std because we both got tested and it came back negative. All though it was a while ago, neither of us have been with anyone else since then so I didn't think it was possible for one of us to just magically develope something. And i dont think im constipated because i poo normally as well. Please help me!!!