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I'm a thirteen year old girl and I have had knee problems for about a year now. I do track and field and I know that's probably not helping. They are sore almost all the time and worsen with the weather. I'm too young to have these problems! I am really tired of having to painfully haul myself out of a seat or off the floor because my knees give me trouble. The pain in usually on the side of the kneecap, the inner side. Not sure if it's the joint itself or a ligament or tendon. Can anyone give me an excersize or home remedy that will heal the pain and help me become more mobile again? Many thanks, Healthconcious


Ok so I had the same problem (I'm 15) and for me i had injured me MCL which is the ligament on the inside of the knee. It's used for moving side to side. What my doctor told me to do is this: stick your injured leg out straight in front of you. Make certain it's not bent at all as you could damage it more. Then gently move your kneecap around in a circular motion. Do this for about 5 seconds and then stop for 10 seconds. Do about 3 reps of these moving up to 5 as the knee gets stronger. You can do this stretch about twice a day until it starts to feel stronger/better. If it hurts stop and try again the next day. Hope this helps :) I'd go see a doctor about it as well just to check it out. If it is your MCL depending on how bad it is you could need crutches which a doctor could tell you. Good luck :)