Hi there,

Been running on and off for a while now. At first it was mostly 5k runs but I stopped for a while due to issues with my knees caused by shoes with not enough cushioning and no support for pronation.

Got new shoes, started running again. At first only 5k, but slowly worked my way up to 5 miles and eventually 10k runs. I've been at this for going on 7 weeks now and my best 10k time has been 48:38, my best 5k is 21:58.

This past week is when the issue arose. Began the week with a 5k run, which yielded the personal-best mentioned above. Took a couple days off, then ran a personal-best 10k, followed by one at roughly the same pace the next day. Then, after two days off I ran my first 12k.

After running that initial 5k my knees seemed a bit swollen, but there wasn't any big issue with mobility and pain - things were just tender. The first 10k was a bit rough to start but I found myself warmed up after the halfway point. The 10k the next day was a fair bit harder due to leg fatigue but again, I found myself able to come through towards the end for a good time.

It was the 12k that really felt like garbage. From start to finish I ran a c**p time caused by issues with my legs that I had never experienced before. Not typical muscle soreness, but rather a tender ache that was painful in a completely different way, mostly in my quads and hamstrings near my knees. Also, I found that my left calf was feeling strangely overworked about halfway through. Also, if I crouch down I can feel a sensation in my legs that almost feels like my bones bending - the longer I stay crouched the more painful it is to stand up again. Again, this is the same kind of tenderness I have been experiencing after my run.

Today I attempted a run but had to stop almost right away due to the way my legs feel. It's been a couple of days since I ran last, though I did put in about 20 min (2.5 miles) at the gym yesterday on a treadmill.

Thinking rest might be good but wondering if it could be something else? Again this isn't typical muscle pain..

Thanks for reading!