I started getting mouth sores last summer. Swollen, sensitive gums & swollen tounge. My throat wasn't sore. But canker like sores spreaded rapidly. They gv me valacyclovir, then tried acyclovir, neither wirked. It got worse. I ended up in the hospital 3x already because of it & still unsure what's going on. I've bn tested for Herpes over 10x, results come bk negative. Not hand foot mouth disease. Had a biopsy. One came bk inconclusive. The other as ulcers, possibly Lichen Planus. Last visit in the hospital which was April 2017, they stopped with the herpes medicine & treated me with steroids. I healed & now it's back. I really don't know what to do. I went to a dermatologist & got injected with 2 steroid shots in the affected areas & I don't see any improvement. I need someone whose going thru the same thing & if they've found a specialist that has seen & delt with this before. Oh magic mouthwash helps also.